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Welcome to Healing Pathways!

I am an intuitive healer and reader based in Scargill (a beautiful rural area 1 hour north of Christchurch) but take appointments in Christchurch two days a week. These days are:
Tuesday: 2.00pm - 5.30pm
Friday: 12.30pm - 5.30pm
I am still available for appointments by phone and Skype.
Yvonne x
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  • Feeling stressed?
  • Looking for some insight?
  • Suffering from physical or emotional pain?
  • Wanting to speak to a loved one?
  • Needing direction in your life?
Hi!  My name is Yvonne and I LOVE the work I do. 
I would like to offer you the possibility of experiencing wonderful transformative energies … for your mind, body and spirit.
I offer:
Each promotes wellbeing and positive changes and yet works in a different way: 
ThetaHealing™                   Price = $100 (1 hour session)
By going into a light meditative state I can be intuitively guided to areas or beliefs which require attention at this time.Then, with your permission, I intuitively witness Creator's energy of unconditional love as it creates the positive changes required.
Profound and spontaneous changes are possible and can occur on all levels.
Intuitive Reading                  Price = $100 (1 hour session)
Each session is individual to you but often begins with a body and aura cleanse to clear away any unwanted energies.  Then, with your permission, I can be intuitively guided to areas of your life in which you would like some insight or I may be shown an issue which needs your attention at this time. 
An Intuitive Reading can provide both healing and insight at the same time.
Crystal Therapy                    Price = $100 (1 hour session)
Crystals have their own unique energy vibrations which resonate with the energy vibrations that are in and around our bodies.  When placed on specific areas of the body it is believed they use these vibrations to absorb any negative energy and replace it with positive energy.
They can promote wellness on all levels – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  All you need to do is relax and let the crystals do the work they love to do!
A relaxing and gentle technique using the blue light and symbols of the Arcturians. During a session I am guided to place my hands either on or above your body to facilitate the movement of energies. This technique works on all the etheric layers surrounding the body, including the physical and emotional layers.
Arcturian Light Healing™ can be used as part of a ThetaHealing™ or Crystal Therapy session as the Arcturians tend to work quickly!

ABFE Flower Essences
Flower Essences have been used for centuries to assist with health issues, and have more recently become popular with the introduction of Dr Bach's flower essences in the early 1900's. I have been trained to use the Australian Bush Flower Essences as I adore the strength and pure vibration they contain. I have found these essences to be very effective both on myself and others, even my pets, and they work beautifully alongside other modalities.
Flower essences can be prescribed in a consultation on their own or as part of a ThetaHealing™ or Crystal Therapy session. For more info and prices, click here to visit my Flower Essences page.

Mentoring                                                Price = $100 (1 hour session)
I offer spiritual guidance to those seeking to find a deeper understanding of themselves and the events and people in their lives. For more, info click here.

I am based in Scargill, Nth Canty (NZ), but am able to offer
ThetaHealing™, Intuitive Readings and Arcturian Light Healing™ by phone and Skype.
Please note: Payment is to be made into my bank account BEFORE the phone consultation takes place. Account details will be given at the time the appointment is made.
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 Inspiration and Occasion hand made cards
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Crystal Pouches  only ... $25!!
Crystal Pouches only ... $25!!
Each pouch comes with 4 crystals, info cards and instruction sheet!
Room & Aura Sprays  only ... $10!!
Room & Aura Sprays only ... $10!!
3 varieties to Uplift, Relax or Purify your surrounding energies!
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